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How to Write Your First Blog Post

Hey hey and welcome to Blogtober everybody! For those of you who are new to the blogosphere, Blogtober is an event that happens every October where your favorite content creators (Like me!) publish a new blog post every day for a whole month! 

I’ve been pretty silent on here for a while, practicing my photography and honing in one some killer ideas for amazing recipes, DIYs and lifestyle tips. Starting at the very beginning with this post you’re reading! Right. Freaking. Now. I figured the best place to start was at the beginning; talking about how to get your first blog pot from a whim to a reality!  

When you’re first breaking into the competitive world of blogging, it can seem overwhelming… really overwhelming. By the time you’ve chosen your domain name, hosting provider and started all your social media accounts, you’re so eager to just get to the writing! And then, all of a sudden… the brakes screech. Don’t worry, this happens to everyone their very first time. That’s why I’m here to walk you (Me) through it.


The core of any blog post is a strong idea, once you decide what you’re going to write about you’ll be an unbeatable force! Are you finding yourself overwhelmed with ideas but unsure of where to start out, try writing down a few of the ideas you’re most excited about the draw them from a hat.

Or maybe, you’re not sure what you want to write about at all? No problem! Think about something you’re really knowledgeable about or look up “blog post ideas” on Pinterest for some serious inspo! 


Now that you have your idea, it’s time to get into the good stuff. No matter which blogging platform you’ve chosen to build your website on, I always start off by creating my blog post drafts in Google Docs. It’s a free program that works like Microsoft Word, but automatically syncs all your work up with the cloud. This way you can work from any device. As far as actually writing the blog post, outline, draft and edit.

Bonus Tip: I always suggest stepping away from blog posts for a couple hours after your first draft, that way you can come back with a critical eye for any additional edits or changes!


Photos are one of the most important elements of your blog, but I know more than anybody that not everyone is a photographer. If you don’t have your own images to use there are always stock photos! Beautiful curated images that can be free (depending on the site!) for you to use!  I love Ivorymix for fun a flirty images!


This is the most important tip anyone can give you. Keep your eyes on your own paper. This is just your first blog post, and thankfully not too many see the first one. Use this as an opportunity to learn and grow into your own voice. Everybody starts somewhere.

At the end of the day, the world of blogging is fascinating- but also very busy! Take time to appreciate the growing pains and always remember to be yourself! Your readers want to get to know you, not a carbon copy of another blogger they already follow! Your unique voice will help you build an amazing community of friends, fans and help you find a blogging family that you’ll cherish forever. 

Now that you know how to write your first blog post, link me to it in the comments! I’d love to read them and send y’all some love! 

xox Becca

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